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Step 1: View the Volunteer Training Slideshow.

Step 2: Access the following Administrative and Policy Guidelines.  

Step 3: Complete the Volunteer Acknowledgement and Emergency Medical Forms

Step 4: Follow the instructions below to obtain a background check.


BIB (Background Investigation Bureau) is a comprehensive online system that will provide thorough background checks on all volunteers.  The system will provide background check results to the district within 48 hours. The background checks will cost $19.45 per volunteer. 


How does it work?

A volunteer will go to the BIB Secure Volunteer website and input their individual information.  

They will make their payment and receive confirmation within 24 to 48 hours that their background check has been completed and the district has received a copy of their results.  Within 7 days the approved volunteer will receive an individualized VOLUNTEER CARD that they will show to the building each time they arrive for volunteer duty.

The BIB background check is valid for 3 years.  The BIB system will notify the volunteer via email when it is time for their recheck.  


Important Information Regarding Overnight Trips:

Any volunteer who wishes to participate in an overnight trip must have a valid BCI and FBI background check.

The following locations offer BCI & FBI background checks:

image.pngScreenshot 2022-08-26 141529.png


A BIB card is not required just for an overnight trip ONLY. However, if you plan to volunteer during the school day, a BIB card is required.

Please contact your building principal if you have any questions.